Setting Goals and Advertising Objectives MCQs Test Online PDF Book Download

Setting goals and advertising objectives multiple choice questions (MCQs), setting goals and advertising objectives test prep for online learning with business degree certificate eCourses. Learn introduction to marketing multiple choice questions (MCQs), setting goals and advertising objectives quiz questions and answers. Career test on setting goals and advertising objectives, capturing value from customers, understanding marketplace and customer needs test for marketing research analyst certification.

Learn introduction to marketing practice test MCQs: possible objectives of advertising includes, for free online courses with options persuasive advertising, reminder advertising, reminder advertising for careers for business marketing majors. Free skills assessment test is for e-learning online setting goals and advertising objectives quiz questions for competitive assessment in business majors for data analytics and marketing certification.

MCQ on Setting Goals and Advertising ObjectivesQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Particular communication that must be achieve within definite target audience within specific time is classified as

  1. message decision
  2. media decision
  3. advertising objective
  4. advertising evaluation


MCQ: Possible objectives of advertising includes

  1. persuasive advertising
  2. reminder advertising
  3. reminder advertising
  4. all of above


MCQ: Approach of message execution which follows format of style, tone, words and format to execute message of advertising is classified as

  1. rational style
  2. persuasive style
  3. creative style
  4. execution style


MCQ: Firm providing marketing services such as assisting different companies in preparing, planning, implementing and evaluating advertising programs is called

  1. advertising agency
  2. managing agency
  3. research agency
  4. rational agency


MCQ: Resources and dollars allocated to companies or products promotional program are classified as

  1. advertising messages
  2. advertising budget
  3. advertising strategy
  4. advertising objective