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Channel Management Decisions Quiz Questions and Answers 169 PDF Book Download

Channel management decisions quiz, channel management decisions MCQs answers, marketing quiz 169 to learn online marketing courses. College and university courses MCQs, marketing channels quiz questions and answers, channel management decisions multiple choice questions to practice marketing test with answers. Learn channel management decisions MCQs, career test on what is a product, company marketing environment, market segmentation, channel management decisions test prep for marketing analytics certifications.

Practice channel management decisions career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): system which calls for managing, motivating, selecting and evaluating performance of marketing channels over time is called, with choices vertical management, horizontal management, marketing channel management, and distribution management for online business degree. Learn marketing channels questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test for marketing certifications.

Quiz on Channel Management Decisions Worksheet 169Quiz Book Download

Channel Management Decisions Quiz

MCQ: System which calls for managing, motivating, selecting and evaluating performance of marketing channels over time is called

  1. vertical management
  2. horizontal management
  3. marketing channel management
  4. distribution management


Market Segmentation Quiz

MCQ: Market which is segmented on basis of usage rate of product such as 'light, medium and heavy users' of products is considered as

  1. geographic segmentation
  2. demographic segmentation
  3. psychographic segmentation
  4. behavioral segmentation


Company marketing environment Quiz

MCQ: Close factors affecting company's ability to serve its customers are referred as

  1. Microenvironment
  2. Macro environment
  3. Both a and b
  4. None of the above


What is a Product Quiz

MCQ: Products such as major household appliances like TVs and refrigerators are classified as

  1. convenience sought products
  2. unsought industrial products
  3. sought non-specialty products
  4. shopping products


Buyer Decision Process for New Products Quiz

MCQ: Customer adopter groups include

  1. innovator
  2. early majority
  3. laggard
  4. early adopter