New Product Development Process Quiz Questions and Answers 167 PDF Book Download

New product development process quiz, new product development process MCQs answers, marketing quiz 167 to learn online marketing courses. College and university courses MCQs, new product development quiz questions and answers, new product development process multiple choice questions to practice marketing test with answers. Learn new product development process MCQs, career test on what is a product, online marketing presence, microenvironment, new product development process test prep for digital marketing certification.

Practice new product development process career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): 'idea-reducing stage' in new product development process consists of, with choices screening of product, screening of customers, screening of ideas, and generation of ideas for online marketing degree. Learn new product development questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test for business analytics certifications.

Quiz on New Product Development Process Worksheet 167Quiz Book Download

New Product Development Process Quiz

MCQ: 'idea-reducing stage' in new product development process consists of

  1. screening of product
  2. screening of customers
  3. screening of ideas
  4. generation of ideas


Microenvironment Quiz

MCQ: A company's microenvironment, 'media publics' consists of

  1. newspapers
  2. blogs
  3. internet media
  4. all of above


Online Marketing Presence Quiz

MCQ: Website used to build customer goodwill, supplement sales channels and collect customer feedback is classified as

  1. corporate website
  2. marketing website
  3. branding website
  4. viral website


What is a Product Quiz

MCQ: Products that requires aggressive personal selling efforts are considered as

  1. sought specialty products
  2. augmented industrial product
  3. unsought shopping products
  4. unsought consumer products


Product Life Cycle Strategies Quiz

MCQ: According to PLC stages, stage in which profits are non-existent because of higher expenses is said to be

  1. introduction stage
  2. turbulent stage
  3. innovation stage
  4. non-profit stage