New Product Development Process Quiz Questions and Answers 146 PDF Download

Learn new product development process quiz online, principles of marketing test 146 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free new product development process MCQs questions and answers to learn marketing quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on new product development process test with answers, market targeting, company wide strategic planning, participants in business buying process, vertical marketing systems, new product development process practice test for online marketing strategies for business courses distance learning.

Free online new product development process course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: if product ideas source is company's own research and development department, it is said to be with choices internal idea sources, external idea sources, systematic idea sources and resourcing for business management courses with online competitive exams questions and answers, study new product development multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on New Product Development Process Worksheet 146 Quiz PDF Download

New Product Development Process Quiz

MCQ: If product ideas source is company's own research and development department, it is said to be

  1. internal idea sources
  2. external idea sources
  3. systematic idea sources
  4. resourcing


Vertical Marketing Systems Quiz

MCQ: Arrangement of vertical management system in which non-dependent firms for production and distribution works together through contracts is classified as

  1. full time VMS
  2. contractual VMS
  3. administered VMS
  4. corporate VMS


Participants in Business Buying Process Quiz

MCQ: All individuals and units involved in purchasing process are classified as

  1. buying center
  2. influencers
  3. deciders
  4. gatekeepers


Company Wide Strategic Planning Quiz

MCQ: In growth-share matrix, vertical axis represents

  1. Business portfolio
  2. Relative market share
  3. Market growth rate
  4. Both a and b


Market Targeting Quiz

MCQ: In market segmentation evaluation, factors must be considered are

  1. segment size and growth
  2. segment structural attractiveness
  3. company objective and resources
  4. all of above