Understanding Marketplace & Customer Needs Quiz Questions & Answers Online 1 PDF eBook Download

"Understanding Marketplace and Customer Needs Quiz", understanding marketplace and customer needs MCQs with answers pdf 1 to study online marketing certifications course. Learn introduction to marketing quiz questions and answers, Understanding Marketplace and Customer Needs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to practice marketing test with answers for online marketing degree. Free "Understanding Marketplace and Customer Needs" MCQs, customer databases and direct marketing, total promotion mix and budget, sales promotion, product mix pricing strategies, understanding marketplace and customer needs test prep for free online classes.

Learn understanding marketplace and customer needs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): Market offering that is essentially intangible is called, with choices services, products, commodity, and competitive edge for online business degree. Learn Introduction to Marketing Questions and Answers to improve problem solving skills for online BBA courses.

Quiz on Understanding Marketplace & Customer Needs MCQs with Answers 1 PDF eBook Download

Understanding Marketplace and Customer Needs Quiz

MCQ: Market offering that is essentially intangible is called

  1. services
  2. products
  3. commodity
  4. competitive edge


Product Mix Pricing Strategies Quiz

MCQ: In personal selling process, step which consists of identifying potential customers is classified as

  1. presenting quota
  2. demonstrating quota
  3. prospecting
  4. qualifying


Sales Promotion Quiz

MCQ: Geographical pricing technique in which company charges same base price plus same freight without considering location of customer is called

  1. freight on board origin pricing
  2. zone pricing
  3. basing point pricing
  4. uniform delivered pricing


Total Promotion Mix and Budget Quiz

MCQ: Cost of products or services are considered to set

  1. floor for cost
  2. ceiling for prices
  3. floor for prices
  4. ceiling for cost


Customer Databases and Direct Marketing Quiz

MCQ: Highly involved consumer buying behavior while perceiving significant differences between brands is called

  1. complex buoying behavior
  2. variety seeking buying behavior
  3. dissonance reducing buying behavior
  4. habitual buying behavior