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Promotional mix MCQs, promotional mix quiz answers to learn marketing courses online. Marketing communications: customer value multiple choice questions (MCQs), promotional mix quiz questions and answers for online marketing graduate degree. Promotion mix strategies, media marketing, developing effective marketing communication, promotional mix test prep for business analyst certification.

Learn marketing communications: customer value test MCQs: promotion tools such as sweepstakes, event sponsorships, samples and coupons are classified in category of, with choices organizational promotion, consumer promotions, inbound promotion, and outbound promotion for online marketing graduate degree. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning promotional mix quiz questions for competitive assessment in business majors for business analytics certifications.

MCQ on Promotional MixQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Promotion tools such as sweepstakes, event sponsorships, samples and coupons are classified in category of

  1. organizational promotion
  2. consumer promotions
  3. inbound promotion
  4. outbound promotion


MCQ: Consumer promotion technique according to which product consumers are told to submit their names for drawing is classified as

  1. cash refunds
  2. cash sample
  3. sweepstakes
  4. cents off deals


MCQ: According to consumer promotion techniques, cash refunds are also classified as

  1. price packs
  2. sweepstakes
  3. point of purchase promotions
  4. cash rebates


MCQ: Concept which states information about value, opportunities and rewards of good performance as thought by sales people is called

  1. organizational climate
  2. media climate
  3. sales climate
  4. outbound climate


MCQ: Series of steps that must be followed by sales people is classified as

  1. marketing process
  2. selling process
  3. intermediation process
  4. nominal process