Product Mix Pricing Strategies MCQs Quiz Online PDF eBook Download

Practice product mix pricing strategies MCQs, product mix pricing strategies quiz answers for online marketing degree programs. Learn pricing strategy multiple choice questions & answers (MCQs), product mix pricing strategies quiz questions and answers for online BBA courses. Learn new product pricing strategies, channel levels pricing, geographical price, discount and allowance pricing, product mix pricing strategies test prep for business administration bachelor degree online.

Learn pricing strategy MCQ: in personal selling process, step which consists of identifying potential customers is classified as, with choices presenting quota, demonstrating quota, prospecting, and qualifying for online BBA courses. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning product mix pricing strategies quiz questions for competitive exams in business majors for best online business management degree.

MCQs on Product Mix Pricing Strategies PDF eBook Download

MCQ: In the personal selling process, the step which consists of identifying potential customers is classified as

  1. presenting quota
  2. demonstrating quota
  3. prospecting
  4. qualifying


MCQ: Sales promotion tools used to stimulate purchase, motivate salespeople and generate business leads are classified in category of

  1. event promotion
  2. off deal promotion
  3. trade promotions
  4. business promotions


MCQ: Consumer promotion technique through which brand marketing event is created by company or it participates in other sponsored event is classified as

  1. event marketing
  2. sponsored marketing
  3. branding
  4. premium marketing


MCQ: Consumer promotion technique according to which seller sells two or three units of product at reduced price is classified as

  1. price packs
  2. cents off deals
  3. advertising specialties
  4. both a and b


MCQ: Standard amount that must be sold by salesperson of the company's total product is classified as

  1. sales contest
  2. expense quota
  3. production quota
  4. sales quota