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Personal factors multiple choice questions (MCQs), personal factors quiz answers to learn online BBA courses for marketing classes. Consumer markets and buyer behavior MCQs, personal factors quiz questions and answers for master's degree in business administration. Learn buyer decision processes, social factors, buyer decision process for new products, personal factors test prep for business analyst certification.

Learn consumer markets and buyer behavior MCQ: third step in new product development is, with choices product screening, business screening, systematic screening, and concept development and testing for master's degree in business administration. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning personal factors quiz questions for competitive exams in business majors .

MCQs on Personal factors PDF Book Download

MCQ: Third step in new product development is

  1. product screening
  2. business screening
  3. systematic screening
  4. concept development and testing


MCQ: As soon as ideas are shortlisted, best idea leads to development of

  1. product concept
  2. production phase
  3. production screening
  4. none of above


MCQ: Customers of products or services in product life cycles introductory stage are classified as

  1. innovators
  2. early adopters
  3. middle majority
  4. laggards


MCQ: Process of introducing a new product into market is called

  1. commercialization
  2. market testing
  3. free test markets
  4. uncontrolled test markets


MCQ: Roughly and detailed estimation of market size, product price and development costs is classified as

  1. write-down
  2. write-up
  3. follow-up screening
  4. follow-up testing