What is Organizational Buying MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn what is organizational buying MCQs, online BBA marketing management test for distance education, online marketing courses prep. Practice analyzing business markets multiple choice questions (MCQs), what is organizational buying quiz questions and answers. GMAT test prep on business buying process, institutional and governments markets, participants: business buying process, what is organizational buying tutorials for online direct marketing courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in marketing degree MCQs: formal decision making process by which large organization buy services and products is classified as, for online courses with choices organizational buying, large buying, small buying, procedure buying with online interview questions and answers for pre-employment exams of business management jobs placements. Free skills assessment test is for online learn what is organizational buying quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers for colleges and universities' graduate fellowship competitive exam preparation.

MCQs on What is Organizational BuyingQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Formal decision making process by which large organization buy services and products is classified as

  1. organizational buying
  2. large buying
  3. small buying
  4. procedure buying


MCQ: Supplier?s goal is to enlarge their share of purchasing over time, it is a characteristic of buying situation and called as

  1. supplier?s rebuy
  2. purpose buying
  3. straight rebuy
  4. turned rebuy


MCQ: In business markets, demand of business goods is more volatile than demand for consumer goods, is classified as

  1. fluctuating demand
  2. stable demand
  3. unstable demand
  4. freeze demand


MCQ: Establishing of dams, irrigation, sanitation systems, pipelines and utilities are examples of

  1. systems contracting
  2. system selling
  3. systems buying
  4. management supplies


MCQ: Business markets include

  1. insurance companies
  2. public utilities
  3. government institutions
  4. all of the above