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What influences consumer behavior multiple choice questions, learn online marketing management test prep for business degree online courses. Learn analyzing consumer markets multiple choice questions (MCQs), what influences consumer behavior quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on what influences consumer behavior, decision making theory and economics, key psychological processes aptitude test for online BBA courses distance learning.

Practice analyzing consumer markets aptitude test MCQs: consumer's seek, for answer of 'how we like to view ourselves' is a concept named by, for free online business management courses with options self-concept, self-monitors, ideal self-concept, actual self-concept for bachelors in business administration. Free skills assessment test is for online learning what influences consumer behavior quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers for business data analyst job's exam preparation.

MCQ on What Influences Consumer BehaviorQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: A person, who offers informal reviews or advice about specific category is called as

  1. associative leader
  2. inspiration leader
  3. opinion leader
  4. group leader


MCQ: Consumer's seek, for answer of 'how we like to view ourselves' is a concept named by

  1. self-concept
  2. self-monitors
  3. ideal self-concept
  4. actual self-concept


MCQ: Parents and siblings are part of

  1. family orientation
  2. inspirational orientation
  3. group orientation
  4. opinion orientation


MCQ: Concept which defines 'person' and it's interaction with environment is classified as

  1. lifestyle
  2. personality
  3. role
  4. status


MCQ: A group whose values and behaviors are rejected by individuals is classified as

  1. aspiration groups group
  2. associative group
  3. dissociative group
  4. inspiration group