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Target return pricing MCQs, target return pricing quiz answers to learn online marketing courses. Learn developing pricing strategies multiple choice questions (MCQs), target return pricing quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on estimating costs, geographical pricing, promotional pricing, value pricing, initiating price increases, target return pricing test prep for marketing analytics certifications.

Practice developing pricing strategies test MCQs: price of product is subtracted from variable cost than divided by fixed cost for calculation is, with choices unit cost, break-even volume, target return price, and target return cost for online business degree. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning target return pricing quiz questions for competitive assessment in business majors for marketing certifications.

MCQ on Target Return PricingQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Price of product is subtracted from variable cost than divided by fixed cost for calculation is

  1. unit cost
  2. break-even volume
  3. target return price
  4. target return cost


MCQ: Technique that allows company to determine price which helps in yielding targeted return on investment is classified as

  1. markup pricing
  2. target return pricing
  3. target return costing
  4. markup costing


MCQ: If fixed cost is $80000, variable cost is $10 and product is sold at $25 then break-even volume will be

  1. 5333
  2. 6333
  3. 7333
  4. 4333


MCQ: If unit cost is $30, desired return on sales is 75%, invested capital $60000 and units sold are 20000 then target return price is

  1. $45.25
  2. $40.25
  3. $36.25
  4. $32.25


MCQ: Method of pricing in which desired return is multiplied to invested capital divided by unit sales and unit cost is added into result is classified as

  1. target return price
  2. value pricing
  3. perceived pricing
  4. target markup price