Cultivating Customer Relationships Quiz Questions and Answers 75 PDF Download

Learn cultivating customer relationships quiz questions, online BBA marketing management test 75 for distance learning BBA degrees, online marketing courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on creating long-term loyalty relationships quiz, cultivating customer relationships multiple choice questions and answers to learn marketing quiz with answers. Practice cultivating customer relationships MCQs, GMAT test assessment on what influences consumer behavior, marketing and customer value, services differentiation, customer needs, cultivating customer relationships practice test for online viral marketing courses distance learning.

Study cultivating customer relationships online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): percentage or number of customers who move from one level to next level in buying decision process is called, for BBA degree and executive MBA in marketing degree questions with choices conversion rates, marketing rates, shopping rates , and loyalty rates with online sample interview questions and answers, competitive tests preparation for business jobs hiring. Learn creating long-term loyalty relationships quizzes with problem solving skills assessment test for technical business analyst job's test preparation.

Quiz on Cultivating Customer Relationships Worksheet 75Quiz PDF Download

Cultivating Customer Relationships Quiz

MCQ: Percentage or number of customers who move from one level to next level in buying decision process is called

  1. conversion rates
  2. marketing rates
  3. shopping rates
  4. loyalty rates


Customer Needs Quiz

MCQ: If price of product is $150, cost of maintenance is $15 and discounted salvage value is $85, then life cycle cost of product is

  1. $80
  2. $165
  3. $15
  4. $85


Services Differentiation Quiz

MCQ: Concept which states all activities for making product operational on planned location is classified as

  1. product uncontrollable return
  2. product controllable return
  3. installation
  4. product maintenance


Marketing and Customer Value Quiz

MCQ: Strategic plan to carry activities for profitable business unit is activity of

  1. business unit level
  2. division level
  3. decision level
  4. corporate level


What Influences Consumer Behavior Quiz

MCQ: Consumers who are sensitive in matter how other see us is classified in concept of

  1. self-concept
  2. self-monitors
  3. ideal self-concept
  4. actual self-concept