Decision Making Theory & Economics Quiz Questions and Answers 45 PDF Download

Learn decision making theory & economics quiz questions, online BBA marketing management test 45 for distance learning degree, online BBA courses. Colleges and universities courses, MCQs on analyzing consumer markets quiz, decision making theory & economics multiple choice questions and answers to learn marketing quiz with answers. Practice decision making theory and economics MCQs career test assessment on customer expectations, marketing strategy, building customer value, satisfaction and loyalty, analyzing macro environment, decision making theory and economics practice test for online sales promotions courses distance learning.

Study BBA degree and executive MBA degree in marketing questions, decision making theory & economics online course has multiple choice question (MCQs): theory in which consumers make their own alternatives on basis of benefits and failure is classified as with options prospect theory , integration theory, segregation theory and alternative theory for business management courses with online competitive exams questions and answers. Learn analyzing consumer markets quiz questions with problem solving skills assessment test for admission test preparation for admission in distance learning MBA.

Quiz on Decision Making Theory & Economics Worksheet 45Quiz PDF Download

Decision Making Theory and Economics Quiz

MCQ: Theory in which consumers make their own alternatives on basis of benefits and failure is classified as

  1. prospect theory
  2. integration theory
  3. segregation theory
  4. alternative theory


Analyzing Macro Environment Quiz

MCQ: Analysis of society is based on views of ourselves, others and nature is classified as

  1. demographic analysis
  2. socio cultural environment analysis
  3. competitor?s analysis
  4. natural environment analysis


Building Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty Quiz

MCQ: Whole cluster of benefits when company promises to deliver through its market offering is called

  1. value proposition
  2. customer proposition
  3. product proposition
  4. brand proposition


Marketing Strategy Quiz

MCQ: Marketing strategy in which a firm sells different segments and offers different product is classified as

  1. individual marketing
  2. differentiated marketing
  3. mass marketing
  4. niche marketing


Customer Expectations Quiz

MCQ: According to service quality model, ability to provide service accurately and dependably is classified as

  1. empathy
  2. reliability
  3. responsiveness
  4. assurance