Developing Brand Positioning Quiz Questions and Answers 31 PDF Download

Learn developing brand positioning quiz, online BBA marketing management test 31 for distance learning, online courses. Free marketing MCQs questions and answers to learn developing brand positioning MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on developing brand positioning with answers, what influences consumer behavior, marketing research process, behavioral decision theory and economics, price change, developing brand positioning test for online BBA subjective courses distance learning.

Free developing brand positioning online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: brand attributes associations that are not unique but similar to some other brands are classified as with choices points of disparity , points of parity , points of difference and similar attributes for online management information systems degree preparation with online information systems exam's quizzes, study crafting brand positioning multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Developing Brand Positioning Worksheet 31 Quiz PDF Download

Developing Brand Positioning Quiz

MCQ. Brand attributes associations that are not unique but similar to some other brands are classified as

  1. points of disparity
  2. points of parity
  3. points of difference
  4. similar attributes


Price Change Quiz

MCQ. Price cutting technique leads to various possible traps including

  1. price-war traps
  2. shallow-pockets traps
  3. low-quality traps
  4. all of above


Behavioral Decision Theory and Economics Quiz

MCQ. Type of heuristic in which customer adjust initial judgment on basis of additional information is classified as

  1. peripheral heuristic
  2. anchoring heuristic
  3. geographical heuristic
  4. adjusting heuristic


Marketing Research Process Quiz

MCQ. Collection of data through primary and secondary data sources is classified as

  1. data sources
  2. observational research
  3. objective research
  4. applied research


What Influences Consumer Behavior Quiz

MCQ. Division of target market such as upper uppers, upper lowers, middle class and working class are classic examples of

  1. internal factors
  2. external factors
  3. social classes
  4. economic variables