Marketing & Customer Value Quiz Questions and Answers 162 PDF Download

Marketing and customer value quiz questions, learn BBA marketing management online test prep 162 for distance learning, online degrees courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on developing marketing strategies and plans quiz, marketing and customer value multiple choice questions and answers to learn marketing quiz with answers. Practice marketing and customer value MCQs, career aptitude test on marketing research process, forecasting and demand measurement, market targeting, five stage model in buying decision process, marketing and customer value practice test for online graduate degree courses distance learning.

Study marketing and customer value practice test with multiple choice question (MCQs), activities in value chain's support are included , for online business management degree with choices procurement, technology development, infrastructure of firm , all of the above for online eLearning for free hiring tests, pre-employment exams and job assessment test with answer keys. Learn developing marketing strategies and plans questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for online certifications for professional development.

Quiz on Marketing & Customer Value Worksheet 162Quiz PDF Download

Marketing and Customer Value Quiz

MCQ: Activities in value chain's support are included

  1. procurement
  2. technology development
  3. infrastructure of firm
  4. all of the above


Five Stage Model in Buying Decision Process Quiz

MCQ: Factors that influence purchase decision and purchase intention are

  1. unanticipated situational factors
  2. attitudes of others
  3. anticipated factors
  4. both A and B


Market Targeting Quiz

MCQ: Effective segmentation criteria does not include

  1. measureable
  2. accessible and substantial
  3. actionable and differential
  4. loyalty and switching patterns


Forecasting and Demand Measurement Quiz

MCQ: Percentage of service ownership in a population is called

  1. product-index percentage
  2. market share percentage
  3. product potential percentage
  4. product-penetration percentage


Marketing Research Process Quiz

MCQ: Analysis of how customer experiences contribute to company's competitive advantage is classified as

  1. customer's metrics pathway
  2. unit metrics pathway
  3. stakeholder satisfaction pathway
  4. company metrics pathway