Product Mix Pricing MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Product mix pricing multiple choice questions (MCQs), product mix pricing test prep for online learning with business degree certificate eCourses. Learn product strategy setting multiple choice questions (MCQs), product mix pricing quiz questions and answers. Career test prep with co-branding and ingredient branding, services differentiation, product line length, product mix pricing test for online professional degree courses distance learning.

Learn product strategy setting practice test MCQs: pricing technique used by sellers while selling individual products in bundles is, for free online courses with options optional-feature pricing, pure bundling pricing, mixed bundling pricing, pure bundling pricing for business management degree online. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning product mix pricing quiz questions for competitive assessment in business majors for bachelors in business administration degree courses preparation.

MCQ on Product Mix PricingQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Product mix pricing technique through which companies develop product lines for pricing instead of single product is classified as

  1. by-product pricing
  2. optional-feature pricing
  3. product line pricing
  4. Two-part pricing


MCQ: Pricing technique used by sellers while selling individual products in bundles is

  1. optional-feature pricing
  2. pure bundling pricing
  3. mixed bundling pricing
  4. pure bundling pricing


MCQ: Optional-feature pricing, captive-product pricing, product-bundling pricing and by-product pricing are considered as techniques of

  1. product mix pricing
  2. line stretching pricing
  3. line filling pricing
  4. line deepening pricing


MCQ: Pricing technique in which variable fee is charged with a fixed fee, are classified as

  1. product line pricing
  2. Two-part pricing
  3. by-product pricing
  4. optional-feature pricing


MCQ: Pricing technique is used by sellers that offer their products in bundles only is classified as

  1. pure bundling pricing
  2. mix bundling pricing
  3. Two-part bundle pricing
  4. optional-feature pricing