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Marketing research process MCQs, marketing research process quiz answers to learn online marketing courses. Conducting marketing research multiple choice questions (MCQs), marketing research process quiz questions and answers for online business degree. Career assessment test on marketing research process test prep for business analytics certifications.

Practice conducting marketing research test MCQs: type of research in which finders use tools from social sciences disciplines is called, with choices ethnographic research, demographic research, psychographic research, and geographical research for online business degree. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning marketing research process quiz questions for competitive assessment in business majors for business analytics certifications.

MCQ on Marketing Research ProcessQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Type of research in which finders use tools from social sciences disciplines is called

  1. ethnographic research
  2. demographic research
  3. psychographic research
  4. geographical research


MCQ: First step in marketing research process is to

  1. define problem
  2. stating research objectives
  3. deciding research approach
  4. both A and B


MCQ: In sampling plan, question 'To whom should we survey?' is part of

  1. sampling size
  2. sampling procedure
  3. sampling unit
  4. sampling scale


MCQ: A coordinate collection of procedures, data, systems with supporting hardware and software is defined as

  1. marketing decision support system
  2. sampling decision support system
  3. planning support system
  4. marketing support system


MCQ: Approaches, used to measure marketing productivity are

  1. marketing metrics
  2. marketing mix modelings
  3. marketing equity
  4. both A and B