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Practice market targeting MCQs, market targeting quiz answers for online marketing degree programs. Learn identifying market segments and targets multiple choice questions & answers (MCQs), Market Targeting quiz questions and answers for online college courses. Learn bases for segmenting consumer markets, consumer segmentation, segmentation marketing, market targeting test prep for online schools for business management.

Learn identifying market segments and targets MCQ: five forces model of michael porter determines attractiveness in long-run does not include, with choices threat of new entrants, threat of rivalry, threat of substitute products, and opportunity to alliance for online college courses. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning market targeting quiz questions for competitive exams in business majors for online business university.

MCQs on Market Targeting PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Five forces model of Michael Porter determines the attractiveness in long-run does not include

  1. threat of new entrants
  2. threat of rivalry
  3. threat of substitute products
  4. opportunity to alliance


MCQ: Process of determining distinct segments profitability on the basis of lifestyles and demographics is classified as

  1. segment identification
  2. segment attractiveness
  3. solution based segmentation
  4. need based segmentation


MCQ: Differentiated marketing in comparison of undifferentiated marketing creates

  1. more total sales
  2. less total sales
  3. less total cost
  4. more total purchases


MCQ: Process of determining profitability of each segment is classified as

  1. segment profitability
  2. segment positioning
  3. acid test segments
  4. marketing mix


MCQ: Set of segments which share some profitable similarities are classified as

  1. micro segment
  2. niche segments
  3. super segments
  4. similar segments