Diversification Strategy MCQs Questions and Answers PDF Book Download

Diversification strategy MCQs, diversification strategy quiz answers to learn marketing courses online. Developing marketing strategies and plans multiple choice questions (MCQs), diversification strategy quiz questions and answers for bachelor's degree in marketing. Business unit strategic planning, marketing and customer value, diversification strategy test prep for business analyst certification.

Learn developing marketing strategies and plans test MCQs: 'diversification strategy' is used to gain market share in, with choices current product in current market, new products for new markets, new products in new market, and new products in current markets for bachelor's degree in marketing. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning diversification strategy quiz questions for competitive assessment in business majors for business analytics certifications.

MCQ on Diversification StrategyQuiz Book Download

MCQ: 'diversification strategy' is used to gain market share in

  1. current product in current market
  2. new products for new markets
  3. new products in new market
  4. new products in current markets


MCQ: Defense strategy in which leader stretches over new market territories using market diversification is classified as

  1. mobile defense
  2. static defense
  3. stable defense
  4. unstable defenses


MCQ: Strategies such as diversification, penetration and market development are part of

  1. extensive growth
  2. intensive growth
  3. integrative growth
  4. disintegrative growth