Characteristics of Services MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Characteristics of services multiple choice questions (MCQs), characteristics of services test prep to learn online business degree courses. Learn designing and managing services multiple choice questions (MCQs), characteristics of services quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on services industries, service mix categories, customer expectations aptitude test for online sales promotions courses distance learning.

Practice designing and managing services aptitude test MCQs: characteristics of services include, for free online business management courses with options variability and inseparability, intangibility, perishability, all of the above for bachelors in business administration. Free skills assessment test is for online learning characteristics of services quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers for competitive exam prep for higher education.

MCQ on Characteristics of ServicesQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: To create strategy between demand and supply, peak time efficiency, shared services and increased service participation are strategies of

  1. descriptive side
  2. demand side
  3. supply side
  4. complementary side


MCQ: Characteristics of services include

  1. variability and inseparability
  2. intangibility
  3. perishability
  4. all of the above


MCQ: Pricing technique which transfer from off-peak periods to peak periods is classified as

  1. complementary pricing
  2. differential pricing
  3. reservation pricing
  4. non-peak pricing


MCQ: To create fit between demand and supply, non-peak demand, complementary services, differential pricing and reservations systems are strategies of

  1. demand side
  2. supply side
  3. complementary side
  4. descriptive side