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Channel levels multiple choice questions (MCQs), channel levels test prep for online learning with business degree certificate eCourses. Learn integrated marketing channels multiple choice questions (MCQs), channel levels quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on terms and responsibilities of channel members, channels importance, scm value networks, multi channel marketing aptitude test for online relationship marketing courses distance learning.

Practice integrated marketing channels aptitude test MCQs: zero-level channel is also known as, for free online courses with options descriptive channels, functional channels, direct marketing channel, indirect marketing channel for online college business degree. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning channel levels quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers for business data analyst job's interview and test preparation.

MCQ on Channel LevelsQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: In marketing channels, level of company selling its products through retailers and wholesalers is classified as

  1. one-level channel
  2. Zero-level channel
  3. Three-level channel
  4. Two-level channel


MCQ: Zero-level channel is also known as

  1. descriptive channels
  2. functional channels
  3. direct marketing channel
  4. indirect marketing channel


MCQ: In marketing channels, channel level of company selling its products through retailers, wholesalers, sales agents and brokers is classified as

  1. Two-level channel
  2. Three-level channel
  3. One-level channel
  4. Zero-level channel


MCQ: Channel system of company sells its products directly to its customers is classified as

  1. direct marketing channel
  2. indirect marketing channel
  3. descriptive channels
  4. functional channels


MCQ: Telemarketing, door-to-door sales, Internet selling and selling through mail orders are classified as types of

  1. one-level channel
  2. Zero-level channel
  3. Two-level channel
  4. Three-level channel