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Rewards and recognition MCQs, rewards and recognition quiz answers to learn HR courses online. Pay for performance and financial incentives multiple choice questions (MCQs), rewards and recognition quiz questions and answers for MBA human resources online programs. Employee motivation, money and motivation, rewards and recognition test prep for PHR certification.

Learn pay for performance and financial incentives test MCQs: according to herzberg, job working conditions are considered as, with choices hygiene's, de motivators, intrinsic hygiene's, and extrinsic hygiene's for MBA human resources online programs. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning rewards and recognition quiz questions, competitive assessment in business majors for SHRM certification. Rewards and Recognition Video

MCQ on Rewards and RecognitionQuiz Book Download

MCQ: According to Herzberg, job working conditions are considered as

  1. hygiene's
  2. DE motivators
  3. intrinsic hygiene's
  4. extrinsic hygiene's


MCQ: Public recognition such as an award in organized function is best classified as an example of

  1. financial awards
  2. non-financial rewards
  3. proportional award
  4. fixed award


MCQ: Occasional incentives such as bonuses, sales prizes are mostly paid with the

  1. salary plan
  2. commission plan
  3. combination plan
  4. proportionate plan


MCQ: 'praise' and 'expression of approvals' in form of program are best classified as

  1. social recognition program
  2. performance feedback
  3. fixed premium
  4. financial awards


MCQ: According to Herzberg, for creating self-motivated workforce employers should focus on the

  1. motivator factors
  2. de-motivator factors
  3. intrinsic factors
  4. extrinsic factors