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Ranking method multiple choice questions (MCQs), ranking method quiz answers to learn online BBA courses for HR classes. Performance management and appraisal MCQs, ranking method quiz questions and answers for business management classes online. Learn dealing with performance appraisal problems, appraisal interview, conducting appraisal interview, basic concepts in performance appraisal and management, ranking method test prep for HR degrees and certifications.

Learn performance management and appraisal MCQ: an alternation ranking method is often classified as, with choices "what you are measuring?", "how you are measuring performance", "what are the set standards", and "the rules of performance appraisals" for business management classes online. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning ranking method quiz questions, competitive exams in business majors . Ranking Method Video

MCQs on Ranking Method PDF Book Download

MCQ: An alternation ranking method is often classified as

  1. "What you are measuring?"
  2. "how you are measuring performance"
  3. "what are the set standards"
  4. "the rules of performance appraisals"


MCQ: Third step in 'ranking method' of evaluating job method is to

  1. select compensable factors
  2. combine ratings
  3. rank jobs
  4. select and group jobs


MCQ: Disadvantage of alternation ranking method is

  1. difficult to develop
  2. cause disagreements
  3. time consuming
  4. difficult to rate


MCQ: An elimination of direct comparison in ranking method of job evaluation is included in

  1. combine ratings
  2. rank jobs
  3. selecting compensable factors
  4. select and group jobs