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Human Resource Management Quiz Questions and Answers 9 PDF Download

Learn human resource management quiz online, human resource management test 9 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free human resource management MCQs questions and answers to learn HRM quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on human resource management test with answers, talent management, career management basics, basic factors in determining pay rates, labor strikes, human resource management practice test for online HR system courses distance learning.

Free online human resource management course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: in surveying market, a way to know what others are paying, known as with choices salary survey, market survey, equity survey and motivation survey with online business courses preparation for BBA, MBA and associate business degree programs, study establishing strategic pay plans multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Human Resource Management Video

Quiz on Human Resource Management Worksheet 9 Quiz PDF Download

Human Resource Management Quiz

MCQ: In surveying market, a way to know what others are paying, known as

  1. salary survey
  2. market survey
  3. equity survey
  4. motivation survey


Labor Strikes Quiz

MCQ: A combined refusal in buying products of employers, union members as well as employees, known as

  1. boycott
  2. impasse boycott
  3. strike
  4. picketing


Basic Factors in Determining Pay Rates Quiz

MCQ: Each unit made by worker is paid , considered as

  1. time based pay
  2. performance based pay
  3. promotion
  4. salary increments


Career Management Basics Quiz

MCQ: In traditional focus, rewards based on production is part of

  1. training and development
  2. performance appraisal
  3. recruiting and placement
  4. compensation and benefits


Talent Management Quiz

MCQ: Process of attracting, selecting, training and promoting employees through a particular firm is called

  1. phased retirement
  2. preretirement counseling
  3. talent management
  4. modifying selection procedure