Implementing Management Development Programs Quiz Questions and Answers 62 PDF Book Download

Implementing management development programs quiz, implementing management development programs MCQs with answers, BBA HRM test prep 62 to learn human resources courses online. Training and developing employees quiz questions and answers, implementing management development programs multiple choice questions (MCQs) to practice HRM test with answers for online human resources degree. Learn implementing management development programs MCQs, types of strategies, what is hrm and why it is important, managing dismissals, employee motivation, implementing management development programs test prep for SPHR exam questions.

Learn implementing management development programs MCQ with multiple choice questions: technique, involving trainees to act on role of specific person in real situation is, with choices behavior modeling, role playing, in-house development center, and both a and b for online schools for business management degree. Learn training and developing employees questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test for HR degrees and certifications. Implementing Management Development Programs Video

Quiz on Implementing Management Development Programs Worksheet 62 PDF Book Download

Implementing Management Development Programs MCQ

MCQ: Technique, involving trainees to act on role of specific person in real situation is

  1. behavior modeling
  2. role playing
  3. in-house development center
  4. both A and B


Employee Motivation MCQ

MCQ: Motivation theory shows downside of 'extrinsic rewards' is explained in

  1. Victor Vroom expectancy theory
  2. Edward Deci motivation theory
  3. Maslow's motivation theory
  4. Fredrick Herzberg motivation theory


Managing Dismissals MCQ

MCQ: Method of disciplining, which usually involves systems of paid decision-making leaves and oral warnings is classified as

  1. punitive discipline
  2. distributive discipline
  3. descriptive discipline
  4. no punitive discipline


What is HRM and why it is important MCQ

MCQ: Crucial functions for company's survival is managed by

  1. financial manager
  2. staff manager
  3. line manager
  4. both A and B


Types of strategies MCQ

MCQ: Company marketing and selling current product aggressively is

  1. market penetration
  2. market development
  3. product development
  4. both a and b