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Managing Career Quiz Questions and Answers 51 PDF Download

Learn managing career quiz, online human resource management test 51 for distance learning, online courses. Free HRM MCQs questions and answers to learn managing career MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on managing career with answers, career management basics, equity theory, money and motivation, implementing training programs, managing career test for online MS in human resource management courses distance learning.

Free managing career online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: people who are often executives of chamber of commerce, are classified in personality type of with choices non enterprising, enterprising, social and investigative with online questions to ask in an interview for employment assessment of business management jobs' seekers, study coaching, careers & talent management multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Managing Career Video

Quiz on Managing Career Worksheet 51 Quiz PDF Download

Managing Career Quiz

MCQ. People who are often executives of chamber of commerce, are classified in personality type of

  1. non enterprising
  2. enterprising
  3. social
  4. investigative


Implementing Training Programs Quiz

MCQ. A process of making workers highly skilled, with help of on job training and formal learning is

  1. job rotation
  2. off the job training
  3. job instruction training
  4. apprenticeship training


Money and Motivation Quiz

MCQ. Standard of 'output' for a job is called

  1. fair day's work
  2. unfair day's work
  3. incentive rate
  4. systematic soldiering


Equity Theory Quiz

MCQ. After ensuring external and internal equity, next step in establishing pay rates is

  1. group similar jobs
  2. price each pay grade
  3. fine tune pay rates
  4. determining the worth of each job


Career Management Basics Quiz

MCQ. In career development, providing assignments that develop careers is part of

  1. individual role
  2. manager role
  3. employer role
  4. line manager