Human Resource Management Quiz Questions and Answers 133 PDF Download

Human resource management quiz questions, learn BBA human resource management online test prep 133 for distance learning, online degrees courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on establishing strategic pay plans quiz, human resource management multiple choice questions and answers to learn HRM quiz with answers. Practice human resource management MCQs, GMAT test prep on appraisal interview, basic factors in determining pay rates, what is hrm and why it is important, managing your career and finding a job, human resource management practice test for online bachelor of administration courses distance learning.

Study human resource management online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs), an employee compares his pay with other's pay in company at same position is called, for BBA degree and executive MBA degree in HR questions with choices internal equity, external equity, collective equity, individual equity with online good interview questions to ask in an interview for teaching jobs and government jobs. Learn establishing strategic pay plans questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test with MBA GMAT prep for online GMAT exam preparation. Human Resource Management Video

Quiz on Human Resource Management Worksheet 133Quiz PDF Download

Human Resource Management Quiz

MCQ: An employee compares his pay with other's pay in company at same position is called

  1. internal equity
  2. external equity
  3. collective equity
  4. individual equity


Managing Your Career and Finding a Job Quiz

MCQ: Period that spans between ages 15 to 24 is classified as

  1. exploration stage
  2. trial sub stage
  3. establishment stage
  4. maintenance stage


What is HRM and why it is important Quiz

MCQ: Generally in chain of command, no one can issue orders outside their own department is

  1. staff managers
  2. line managers
  3. CEO
  4. none of above


Basic Factors in Determining Pay Rates Quiz

MCQ: Levels and series of steps based on years of service in pay grades are called

  1. pay ranges
  2. grade ranges
  3. similar jobs grades
  4. anchoring pay ratings


Appraisal Interview Quiz

MCQ: When person's performance is not satisfactory but can be improved is

  1. satisfactory-promotable interview
  2. satisfactory-not promotable interview
  3. unsatisfactory-correctable interview
  4. unsatisfactory-uncorrectable interview