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Basic Testing Concepts Quiz Questions and Answers 112 PDF Download

Learn basic testing concepts quiz, online human resource management test 112 for distance learning, online courses. Free HRM MCQs questions and answers to learn basic testing concepts MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on basic testing concepts with answers, evaluating training effort, managing career, money and motivation, basic factors in determining pay rates, basic testing concepts test for online GMAT mock test free.

Free basic testing concepts online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: a test's validity can be demonstrated in with choices two ways, three ways, four ways and five ways with problems solving answer key to test study skills for online e-learning, formative assessment and jobs' interview preparation tips, study employee testing & selection multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Basic Testing Concepts Video

Quiz on Basic Testing Concepts Worksheet 112 Quiz PDF Download

Basic Testing Concepts Quiz

MCQ. A test's validity can be demonstrated in

  1. Two ways
  2. Three ways
  3. Four ways
  4. Five ways


Basic Factors in Determining Pay Rates Quiz

MCQ. A job that helps employers to arrange job in relative worth is called

  1. benchmark jobs
  2. salary survey
  3. permanent job
  4. temporary job


Money and Motivation Quiz

MCQ. An advantage of not recalculating piece rate is because of using

  1. standard hour plan
  2. standard piece rate
  3. standard piecework
  4. variable hour plan


Managing Career Quiz

MCQ. People having enterprising personality oriented choose profession, are

  1. military officers
  2. advertising executives
  3. carpenters
  4. engineers


Evaluating Training Effort Quiz

MCQ. Measurement of results after training programs is classified as

  1. measuring reaction
  2. measuring learning
  3. measuring behavior
  4. measuring results