Benefits Picture Quiz Questions and Answers 58 PDF Book Download

Benefits picture quiz, benefits picture MCQs with answers, BBA HRM test prep 58 to learn human resources courses for online classes. Benefits and services quiz questions and answers, benefits picture multiple choice questions (MCQs) to practice HRM test with answers for online human resources degree. Learn MCQs, test prep for HR management certificate program.

Learn benefits picture MCQ with multiple choice questions: pay for time not worked, sick leave, supplemental benefits and severance pay are types of benefits called, with choices supplemental pay benefits, optional pay benefits, compensation law benefits, and unemployment pay benefits for business degree online classes. Learn benefits and services questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test for SPHR exam questions. Benefits Picture Video

Quiz on Benefits Picture Worksheet 58 PDF Book Download

Benefits Picture MCQ

MCQ: Pay for time not worked, sick leave, supplemental benefits and severance pay are types of benefits called

  1. supplemental pay benefits
  2. optional pay benefits
  3. compensation law benefits
  4. unemployment pay benefits


Ranking Method MCQ

MCQ: Disadvantage of alternation ranking method is

  1. difficult to develop
  2. cause disagreements
  3. time consuming
  4. difficult to rate


Competency Based Pay MCQ

MCQ: 'Microsoft' pays new programmers for learning Windows particulars, classified as

  1. pay plan based on knowledge
  2. pay plan based on title of job
  3. pay plan based on tenure
  4. pay plan based on performance


Employer Life Cycle Career Management MCQ

MCQ: Job changes in an existing job, in same firm for retirement aged employees is an example of

  1. phased retirement
  2. preretirement counseling
  3. honoring experience
  4. modifying selection procedure


Basic Concepts in Performance Appraisal and Management MCQ

MCQ: 'performance' appraisal feedback always includes

  1. assessment of employee performance
  2. setting work standards
  3. providing feedback to the employees
  4. all of above