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Piecework multiple choice questions (MCQs), piecework quiz answers to learn HR courses for HR degree online. Pay for performance and financial incentives MCQs with answers, piecework quiz questions and answers for business administration degree online. Learn money and motivation, rewards and recognition, piecework test prep for HR professional certification.

Learn pay for performance and financial incentives test MCQs: 'piecework' pay plan is often called, with choices individual pay plan, group pay plan, extrinsic rewards, and intrinsic rewards for business administration degree online. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning piecework quiz questions, competitive assessment in business majors . Piecework Video

MCQ on PieceworkQuiz Book Download

MCQ: 'piecework' pay plan is often called

  1. individual pay plan
  2. group pay plan
  3. extrinsic rewards
  4. intrinsic rewards


MCQ: Pay based on piecework is an example of

  1. time based pay
  2. performance based pay
  3. bonuses
  4. promotion


MCQ: Basic difference between piecework and standard hour plan is of

  1. percent premium
  2. proportion premium
  3. fixed premium
  4. variable premium