Performance Management and Appraisal Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 13 PDF Book Download

Performance management and appraisal multiple choice questions (MCQs), performance management and appraisal quiz answers, HR test prep 13 to learn HR courses for HR degree online. Dealing with performance appraisal problems MCQs with answers, performance management and appraisal quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice dealing with performance appraisal problems, advantages of performance appraisal, techniques for appraising performance career test for HRIS certification online.

Learn performance management and appraisal test with multiple choice question: a problem occurs when supervisor might rate all employees 'high' or 'low' is called, with choices biasing tendency, lenient/strict tendency, central tendency, and different tendencies for master's degree in business administration. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning dealing with performance appraisal problems quiz questions with human resource management MCQs for PHR certification classes online. Dealing with Performance Appraisal Problems Video

MCQ on Performance Management & Appraisal Test 13Quiz Book Download

MCQ: A problem occurs when supervisor might rate all employees 'high' or 'low' is called

  1. lenient/strict tendency
  2. biasing tendency
  3. central tendency
  4. different tendencies


MCQ: An advantage of 'forced distribution method' is

  1. avoids central tendency and biases
  2. avoids central tendency and biases
  3. provides behavioral anchors
  4. end up with predetermined rating figures


MCQ: Performance rating as good or bad on numerical rating scale is called

  1. critical incident method
  2. forced distribution method
  3. behaviorally anchored rating scale
  4. paired comparison method


MCQ: Disadvantage of 'BARS' appraisal system is

  1. halo effect
  2. bias
  3. central tendency
  4. difficult to develop


MCQ: 'unclear standards' usually results in

  1. unfair appraisals
  2. fake appraisals
  3. true appraisals
  4. Both A and B