Pay for Performance and Financial Incentives Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 7 PDF Book Download

Pay for performance and financial incentives multiple choice questions (MCQs), pay for performance and financial incentives quiz answers, HR test prep 7 to learn HR courses for HR degree online. Money and motivation MCQs with answers, pay for performance and financial incentives quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice money and motivation, rewards and recognition career test for human resources certificate online program.

Learn pay for performance and financial incentives test with multiple choice question: combination of salary and commission is part of, with choices commission plan, salary plan, combination plan, and proportionate plan for online business degree programs. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning money and motivation quiz questions with human resource management MCQs for human resources certification programs. Money and Motivation Video

MCQ on Pay for Performance & Financial Incentives Test 7Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Combination of salary and commission is part of

  1. salary plan
  2. commission plan
  3. combination plan
  4. proportionate plan


MCQ: According to Fredrick Herzberg, a person's high-level needs are classified as

  1. unhygienic
  2. unmotivated
  3. motivators
  4. hygiene's


MCQ: Need of food, water and shelter is classified as

  1. psychological needs
  2. self-actualization
  3. physiological needs
  4. self-esteem needs


MCQ: An enterprise Incentive Management systems include

  1. planning compensation
  2. analyzing compensation
  3. managing compensation
  4. all of above


MCQ: 'praise' and 'expression of approvals' in form of program are best classified as

  1. social recognition program
  2. performance feedback
  3. fixed premium
  4. financial awards