Pay for Performance and Financial Incentives Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 6 PDF Download

Pay for performance and financial incentives multiple choice questions, learn BBA HRM online test prep 6 for free learning, online courses. Practice money and motivation multiple choice questions (MCQs), pay for performance and financial incentives quiz questions and answers. Learn money and motivation, employee motivation, piecework career test prep for online human resources degree courses distance learning.

Study pay for performance and financial incentives career test with multiple choice questions, psychologist 'edwin locke' stated that specific and challenging goals lead to, for online business management degree with choices lower task performance, higher task performance, fixed performance rewards, variable performance rewards for associate degree, graduate degree and masters degree students for online eLearning preparation. Practice skills assessment test for online learning money and motivation quiz questions with human resource management MCQs for business data analyst job's exam preparation. Money and Motivation Video

MCQ on Pay for Performance & Financial Incentives Test 6Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Psychologist 'Edwin Locke' stated that specific and challenging goals lead to

  1. higher task performance
  2. lower task performance
  3. fixed performance rewards
  4. variable performance rewards


MCQ: According to Fredrick Herzberg, person's "higher-level" needs are

  1. accomplishment and recognition
  2. food and shelter
  3. friendships
  4. secure income


MCQ: According to Herzberg, job salary and incentives are classified as

  1. unhygienic
  2. DE motivators
  3. hygiene factor
  4. extrinsic factors


MCQ: An Edward Deci's motivation theory explains the

  1. extrinsic rewards causes detraction
  2. intrinsic rewards causes detraction
  3. extrinsic rewards causes motivation
  4. intrinsic rewards causes motivation


MCQ: Basic difference between piecework and standard hour plan is of

  1. percent premium
  2. proportion premium
  3. fixed premium
  4. variable premium