Pay for Performance and Financial Incentives Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 3 PDF Download

Pay for performance and financial incentives multiple choice questions (MCQs), pay for performance and financial incentives test prep to learn HR quiz 3 for BBA degree online courses. Study money and motivation multiple choice questions (MCQs), pay for performance and financial incentives quiz questions and answers. Practice money and motivation, incentives for managers and executives career test prep for online human resource software for small business courses distance learning.

Learn pay for performance and financial incentives career test with multiple choice question: frederick herzberg ,abraham and maslow, gave theories of, for online business degree programs with options hr system, motivation, appraisal system, performance based appraisal for accredited online mba programs. Practice skills assessment test for online learning money and motivation quiz questions with human resource management MCQs for IT business analyst job's test and interview preparation. Money and Motivation Video

MCQ on Pay for Performance & Financial Incentives Test 3Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Theory, according to which people are motivated in a sequence of hierarchy of needs is called

  1. prepotency process principle
  2. prepotency process principle
  3. process principle
  4. hierarchy principle


MCQ: Frederick Herzberg ,Abraham and Maslow, gave theories of

  1. motivation
  2. HR system
  3. appraisal system
  4. performance based appraisal


MCQ: Managers can support 'instrumentality' by creating

  1. easy incentive plans
  2. uneasy incentive plans
  3. intrinsic incentive plans
  4. extrinsic incentive plans


MCQ: Standard of 'output' for a job is called

  1. fair day's work
  2. unfair day's work
  3. incentive rate
  4. systematic soldiering


MCQ: Plans that are designed to motivate employees short term performance are called

  1. annual bonus
  2. annual award
  3. annual sales promotion
  4. annual transfer