Establishing Strategic Pay Plans Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 7 PDF Book Download

Establishing strategic pay plans multiple choice questions (MCQs), establishing strategic pay plans quiz answers, HR test 7 to learn HR online courses. Equity theory MCQs, establishing strategic pay plans quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice equity theory, basic factors in determining pay rates, pricing managerial and professional jobs career test for human resources classes online.

Learn establishing strategic pay plans test with multiple choice question: an 'equity theory of motivation' does not include, with choices external equity, internal equity, collective equity, and individual equity for business management degree online. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning equity theory quiz questions with human resource management MCQs for PHR prep classes. Equity Theory Video

MCQ on Establishing Strategic Pay Plans Test 7Quiz Book Download

MCQ: An 'Equity theory of Motivation' does not include

  1. internal equity
  2. external equity
  3. collective equity
  4. individual equity


MCQ: Ranking of job, based on difficulty is

  1. job description
  2. job specification
  3. job evaluation
  4. ranking method


MCQ: Approaches used to compare jobs are

  1. intuitive approaches
  2. systematic approaches
  3. mathematical approaches
  4. logical approaches


MCQ: Work experience and field of study are included in

  1. working capital
  2. human capital
  3. compensation capital
  4. size of working capital


MCQ: After ensuring external and internal equity, next step in establishing pay rates is

  1. group similar jobs
  2. price each pay grade
  3. fine tune pay rates
  4. determining the worth of each job