Coaching, Careers and Talent Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2 PDF Book Download

Coaching, careers and talent management MCQs, coaching, careers and talent management quiz answers, HR test 2 to learn HR online courses. Learn career management basics multiple choice questions (MCQs), coaching, careers and talent management quiz questions and answers for admission and scholarships exams. Practice assessment test on career management basics, improving coaching skills, talent management, managing your career and finding a job test prep for PHR, SPHR, and SHRM certifications.

Practice coaching, careers and talent management career test with multiple choice question: in a career development focus, addition of development plans is a part of, with choices performance appraisal, training and development, recruiting and placement, and compensation and benefits for online human resources degree. Prepare jobs' assessment test for learning online career management basics quiz questions with human resource management MCQs for SHRM certification. Career Management Basics Video

MCQ on Coaching, Careers & Talent Management Test 2Quiz Book Download

MCQ: In a career development focus, addition of development plans is a part of

  1. training and development
  2. performance appraisal
  3. recruiting and placement
  4. compensation and benefits


MCQ: In a career development, providing support in employee's development plans, is regarded as

  1. an individual role
  2. a managerial role
  3. employer role
  4. line manager's role


MCQ: 'Coaching of employees' does not include

  1. planning
  2. preparation
  3. follow-up
  4. compensating employees


MCQ: In talent management end to end process, workforce compensation management leads to

  1. succession planning
  2. performance management
  3. learning management systems
  4. e-recruiting


MCQ: A marketing concept, holding a society's long-term interest, belongs to

  1. realistic orientation
  2. investigation oriented
  3. societal orientation
  4. art oriented