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Job classification MCQs, learn BBA HRM online test prep for business degree, online courses. Practice establishing strategic pay plans multiple choice questions (MCQs), job classification quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on competency based pay, job evaluation process, basic factors in determining pay rates aptitude test for online business degree courses distance learning.

Study establishing strategic pay plans aptitude test MCQs: in 'job classification' group that contains jobs with similar difficulty level is called, for free online business management courses with choices classes, grades, rank jobs, combine ratings for business management courses with online competitive exams questions and answers. Free skills assessment test is for online learning job classification quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers for bachelor degree courses preparation. Job Classification Video

MCQs on Job ClassificationQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: In 'job classification' group that contains jobs with similar difficulty level is called

  1. classes
  2. grades
  3. rank jobs
  4. combine ratings


MCQ: Procedure of ranking jobs or grouping in clusters is included in

  1. getting job information
  2. combining ratings
  3. ranking jobs
  4. selecting and grouping jobs


MCQ: Process of classifying, ranking jobs and assigning points to jobs is called

  1. job evaluation
  2. job grading
  3. pay grading
  4. job ranking


MCQ: Classification of executive and management positions into series of grades, called

  1. job specification
  2. job description
  3. job evaluation
  4. employee training


MCQ: In job classification, group which contains similar jobs is called

  1. classes
  2. grades
  3. rows
  4. columns