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Improving coaching skills MCQs, improving coaching skills quiz answers to learn HR courses online. Coaching, careers and talent management multiple choice questions (MCQs), improving coaching skills quiz questions and answers for online masters programs in human resource management. Performance appraisal in hrm, managing your career and finding a job, career management basics, improving coaching skills test prep for PHR certification.

Learn coaching, careers and talent management test MCQs: 'coaching of employees' does not include, with choices planning, preparation, follow-up, and compensating employees for online masters programs in human resource management. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning improving coaching skills quiz questions, competitive assessment in business majors for human resources certification. Improving Coaching Skills Video

MCQ on Improving Coaching SkillsQuiz Book Download

MCQ: 'Coaching of employees' does not include

  1. planning
  2. preparation
  3. follow-up
  4. compensating employees


MCQ: In 'ABC' approach which is used in formulating hypothesis, "C" stands for

  1. compensating
  2. communication
  3. counseling
  4. consequences


MCQ: Employees 'career hazards' are dealt in

  1. coaching
  2. mentoring
  3. career management
  4. career development


MCQ: Mentoring by employees deals with

  1. longer span of time
  2. shorter span of time
  3. resetting salary schedules
  4. self-managing teams


MCQ: In 'ABC' approach, analyzing behaviors means

  1. measuring aptitudes
  2. measuring adequacy of tools
  3. measuring adequacy of training
  4. all of above