Flexible Benefits Programs MCQs & Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Flexible benefits programs multiple choice questions (MCQs), flexible benefits programs quiz answers to learn online BBA courses for HR classes. Benefits and services MCQs, flexible benefits programs quiz questions and answers for business administration degree online. Learn benefits picture, retirement benefits, insurance benefits, flexible benefits programs test prep for SHRM SPHR certification.

Learn benefits and services MCQ: a plan to accommodate employees' preferences of planning for benefit, classified as, with choices cafeteria benefit plans, fixed benefit plans, flexible benefit plans, and both a and c for business administration degree online. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning flexible benefits programs quiz questions, competitive exams in business majors . Flexible Benefits Programs Video

MCQs on Flexible Benefits Programs PDF Book Download

MCQ: A plan to accommodate employees' preferences of planning for benefit, classified as

  1. cafeteria benefit plans
  2. fixed benefit plans
  3. flexible benefit plans
  4. both a and c


MCQ: Job schedules in which employees can work for fewer days, but, for longer time in each day are classified as

  1. deferred work week
  2. compressed work week
  3. flexible work week
  4. stable work week


MCQ: Process of arming employees of organization with technology tools, to get jobs done is called

  1. workplace flexibility
  2. work hour flexibility
  3. work week flexibility
  4. contributory flexibility


MCQ: Method according to which two or more people share a full time single job, classified as

  1. severance sharing
  2. flexible sharing
  3. benefit sharing
  4. job sharing