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Learn benefits picture MCQs, online BBA HRM test for distance education, free online HR courses prep. Practice benefits and services multiple choice questions (MCQs), benefits picture quiz questions and answers. GMAT test prep on flexible benefits programs, benefits picture tutorials for online bachelor degree courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in human resources degree MCQs: sabbatical leave, funeral leave, jury duty and vacations are examples of, for online HR courses with choices optional pay benefits, unemployment pay benefits, compensation law benefits, supplemental pay benefits with online sample interview questions and answers, competitive tests preparation for business jobs hiring. Free skills assessment test is for online learn benefits picture quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers for BBA subjects preparation for business school students. Benefits Picture Video

MCQs on Benefits PictureQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Sabbatical leave, funeral leave, jury duty and vacations are examples of

  1. optional pay benefits
  2. unemployment pay benefits
  3. compensation law benefits
  4. supplemental pay benefits


MCQ: For continuous work growth, company's direct, non-financial and financial payments are being received by employees, categorized as

  1. benefits
  2. stock ownership
  3. loyalty scholarships
  4. all of above


MCQ: Benefit paid to terminated employees or laid-off employees is

  1. vacations and holidays
  2. lifelong learning
  3. severance pay
  4. optional pay benefits


MCQ: Benefits paid for time not worked are also called

  1. compensation law benefits
  2. supplemental pay benefits
  3. optional pay benefits
  4. unemployment pay benefits


MCQ: Pay for time not worked, sick leave, supplemental benefits and severance pay are types of benefits called

  1. supplemental pay benefits
  2. optional pay benefits
  3. compensation law benefits
  4. unemployment pay benefits