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Learn stand alone risks MCQs, stand alone risks quiz answers pdf to study online finance course. Practice risk, return, and capital asset pricing model multiple choice questions & answers (MCQs), "Stand Alone Risks" quiz questions and answers for online business administration colleges. Learn risk in portfolio context, risk and return: is something missing, risk management in finance, stand alone risks test prep for online college courses for business management.

Practice stand alone risks MCQ: Standard deviation of tighter probability distribution is, with choices long-termed, short-termed, riskier, and smaller for online business administration colleges. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning stand alone risks quiz questions for competitive in business majors for business administration degree courses.

MCQs on Stand Alone Risks PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Standard deviation of tighter probability distribution is

  1. long-termed
  2. short-termed
  3. riskier
  4. smaller


MCQ: Range of probability distribution with 99.74% lies within

  1. ( + 3σ and -3σ)
  2. ( + 4σ and -4σ)
  3. ( + 1σ and -1σ)
  4. ( + 2σ and -2σ)


MCQ: Standard deviation is 18% and the expected return is 15.5% then the coefficient of variation would be

  1. 0.00861
  2. 0.01161
  3. 0.025
  4. −2.5%


MCQ: Standard deviation is divided by the expected rate of return is used to calculate

  1. coefficient of variation
  2. coefficient of deviation
  3. coefficient of standard
  4. coefficient of return


MCQ: According to probability distribution of rates of return, a close outcome to an expected value is shown by

  1. value distribution
  2. expected distribution
  3. more peaked distribution
  4. less peaked distribution