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Internal rate of Return Quiz Questions and Answers 45 PDF Download

Learn internal rate of return quiz online, BBA financial management test 45 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free basics of capital budgeting evaluating cash flows quiz, internal rate of return multiple choice questions and answers to learn finance quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on internal rate of return test with answers, binomial approach, fama french three factor model, market values, expected rate of return on constant growth stock, internal rate of return practice test for online financial risk management courses distance learning.

Free online internal rate of return course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: a modified internal rate of return is considered as present value of costs and is equal to with options p.v of hurdle rate , fv of hurdle rate , p.v of terminal value and fv of terminal value for business management courses with online competitive exams questions and answers, study basics of capital budgeting evaluating cash flows multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers for MBA GMAT practice test for MBA entrance exam preparation.

Quiz on Internal rate of Return Worksheet 45 Quiz PDF Download

Internal rate of Return Quiz

MCQ: A modified internal rate of return is considered as present value of costs and is equal to

  1. p.v of hurdle rate
  2. fv of hurdle rate
  3. p.v of terminal value
  4. fv of terminal value


Expected Rate of Return on Constant Growth Stock Quiz

MCQ: In expected rate of return for constant growth, an expected yield on capital must be

  1. equal to zero
  2. greater than expected growth rate
  3. less than expected growth rate
  4. equal to expected growth rate


Market Values Quiz

MCQ: Price per ratio is divided by cash flow per share ratio, is used for calculating

  1. dividend to stock ratio
  2. sales to growth ratio
  3. cash flow to price ratio
  4. price to cash flow ratio


Fama French Three Factor Model Quiz

MCQ: A high portfolio return is subtracted from low portfolio return to calculate

  1. HML portfolio
  2. R portfolio
  3. subtracted portfolio
  4. ML portfolio


Binomial Approach Quiz

MCQ: Current option is $800 and current value of stock in portfolio is $1900 then present value of portfolio would be

  1. −$1100
  2. $2,700
  3. $1,100
  4. −$2700