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Choosing Optimal Portfolio Quiz Questions and Answers 41 PDF Book Download

Choosing optimal portfolio quiz, choosing optimal portfolio MCQs answers, BBA finance quiz 41 to learn finance courses online. Portfolio theory and asset pricing models quiz questions and answers, choosing optimal portfolio multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice finance test with answers for college and university courses. Learn choosing optimal portfolio MCQs, npv and irr formula, stand alone risks, objective of corporation value maximization, choosing optimal portfolio test prep for finance certifications.

Learn choosing optimal portfolio test with multiple choice question (MCQs): an efficient set of portfolios represented through graph is classified as an, with choices attained frontier, efficient frontier, inefficient frontier, and unattained frontier for online accounting and finance degree. Learn portfolio theory and asset pricing models questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test for business analyst certification.

Quiz on Choosing Optimal Portfolio Worksheet 41Quiz Book Download

Choosing Optimal Portfolio Quiz

MCQ: An efficient set of portfolios represented through graph is classified as an

  1. attained frontier
  2. efficient frontier
  3. inefficient frontier
  4. unattained frontier


Objective of Corporation Value Maximization Quiz

MCQ: Sales revenue $90,000, operating taxes $30,000 and operating capital $15,000 then value of free cash flows (in USD) will be

  1. 45000
  2. 13500
  3. 65000
  4. 75000


Stand Alone Risks Quiz

MCQ: Range of probability distribution with 99.74% lies within

  1. ( + 3σ and -3σ)
  2. ( + 4σ and -4σ)
  3. ( + 1σ and -1σ)
  4. ( + 2σ and -2σ)


NPV and IRR Formula Quiz

MCQ: * projects which are mutually exclusive but different on scale of production or time of completion then the

  1. external return method
  2. net present value of method
  3. net future value method
  4. internal return method


NPV and IRR Formula Quiz

MCQ: Graph which is plotted for projected net present value and capital rates is called

  1. net loss profile
  2. net gain profile
  3. net future value profile
  4. net present value profile