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Project Analysis Quiz Questions and Answers 37 PDF Download

Project analysis quiz questions and answers, learn online BBA finance test prep 37 for distance learning online courses. College and university courses MCQs on cash flow estimation and risk analysis quiz, project analysis multiple choice questions to practice finance quiz with answers. Learn project analysis MCQs, career aptitude test on weighted average cost of capital, profitability ratios, key characteristics of bonds, cash inflows and outflows, project analysis practice test for online business administration courses distance learning.

Practice project analysis career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): situation in which new business reduces an existing business of firm is classified as, for online business degree programs with options non-cannibalization effect, cannibalization effect, external effect, internal effect for business administration degree online. Learn cash flow estimation and risk analysis questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test to prepare admission test for admission in 1 year MBA program.

Quiz on Project Analysis Worksheet 37Quiz PDF Download

Project Analysis Quiz

MCQ: Situation in which new business reduces an existing business of firm is classified as

  1. non-cannibalization effect
  2. cannibalization effect
  3. external effect
  4. internal effect


Cash Inflows and Outflows Quiz

MCQ: In cash flow estimation and risk analysis, real rate will be equal to nominal rate if there is

  1. no inflation
  2. high inflation
  3. no transactions
  4. no acceleration


Key Characteristics of Bonds Quiz

MCQ: Protective covenant devised in market to reduce event risk and to control debt cost is classified as

  1. super poison covenant
  2. super poison put
  3. super poison call
  4. super poison redemption


Profitability Ratios Quiz

MCQ: Formula such as, net income available for common stockholders divided by total assets is used to calculate

  1. return on total assets
  2. return on total equity
  3. return on debt
  4. return on sales


Weighted Average Cost of Capital Quiz

MCQ: Bond risk premium is added in to bond yield to calculate

  1. cost of American option
  2. cost of European option
  3. cost of common stock
  4. cost of preferred stock