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Fama French Model Quiz Questions and Answers 33 PDF eBook Download

Fama french model quiz questions and answers, fama french model MCQs with answers, financial management test prep 33 for finance certifications to become certified financial planner. Portfolio theory and asset pricing models quiz, fama french model multiple choice questions (MCQs) to practice finance test with answers for online finance degree. Free fama french model MCQs, internal rate of return, calculating beta coefficient, capital and security market line, preferred stock: finance, fama french model test prep for business administration bachelor degree online.

Learn fama french model MCQ with multiple choice questions: stocks which has lower book for market ratio are considered as, with choices optimistic, more risky, less risky, and pessimistic for online BBA courses. Learn portfolio theory and asset pricing models questions and answers, problem-solving for merit scholarships assessment test for best online business management degree.

Quiz on Fama French Model Worksheet 33 PDF eBook Download

Fama French Model MCQ

MCQ: Stocks which has lower book for market ratio are considered as

  1. optimistic
  2. more risky
  3. less risky
  4. pessimistic


Preferred Stock: Finance MCQ

MCQ: Stock which has fixed payments and failure of payments which do not lead to bankruptcy is classified as

  1. common stock
  2. preferred stock
  3. bonds equity
  4. common shares


Capital and Security Market Line MCQ

MCQ: An individual stock required return is equal to risk free rate plus bearing risk premium is an explanation of

  1. security market line
  2. capital market line
  3. aggregate market line
  4. beta market line


Calculating Beta Coefficient MCQ

MCQ: Future beta is needed to calculate in most situations is classified as

  1. historical betas
  2. adjusted betas
  3. standard betas
  4. varied betas


Internal rate of Return MCQ

MCQ: In internal rate of returns, discount rate which forces net present values to become zero is classified as

  1. positive rate of return
  2. negative rate of return
  3. external rate of return
  4. internal rate of return