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Theory of Risk & Return Quiz Questions and Answers 110 PDF Download

Learn theory of risk & return quiz questions, online BBA financial management test 110 for distance learning BBA degrees, online finance courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on portfolio theory and asset pricing models quiz, theory of risk & return multiple choice questions and answers to learn finance quiz with answers. Practice theory of risk and return MCQs, GMAT test assessment on market values, efficient market hypothesis, estimating cash flows, bond valuation calculations, theory of risk and return practice test for online BBA finance degree courses distance learning.

Study theory of risk & return online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): rational traders immediately sell stock when price is, for BBA degree and executive MBA in finance degree questions with choices conditional , inefficient portfolio , too low , too high for scholars' admission preparation in undergraduate degree programs and masters degree programs. Learn portfolio theory and asset pricing models quizzes with problem-solving skills assessment test for business analyst certifications and competitive exam preparation.

Quiz on Theory of Risk & Return Worksheet 110Quiz PDF Download

Theory of Risk and Return Quiz

MCQ: Rational traders immediately sell stock when price is

  1. conditional
  2. inefficient portfolio
  3. too low
  4. too high


Bond Valuation Calculations Quiz

MCQ: An interest rate which is used in calculation of cash flows of bonds is called

  1. required rate of redemption
  2. required rate of earning
  3. required rate of return
  4. required option


Estimating Cash Flows Quiz

MCQ: Gross fixed asset expenditures is $6000 and free cash flow is $8000 then operating cash flows will be

  1. −$14000
  2. $2,000
  3. $14,000
  4. −$2000


Efficient Market Hypothesis Quiz

MCQ: Information which is reflected in current market prices with help of past price movements is classified as

  1. market efficiency
  2. semi strong efficiency
  3. weak form efficiency
  4. strong form efficiency


Market Values Quiz

MCQ: Price earning ratio and price by cashflow ratio are classified as

  1. marginal ratios
  2. equity ratios
  3. return ratios
  4. market value ratios