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Income Statement & Reports Quiz Questions and Answers 101 PDF Download

Learn income statement & reports quiz online, BBA financial management test 101 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free income statement & reports MCQs questions and answers to learn finance quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on income statement and reports test with answers, key characteristics of bonds, valuing stocks: non constant growth rate, weighted average cost of capital, binomial approach, income statement and reports practice test for online functions of financial management courses distance learning.

Free online income statement & reports course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: collection of net income, amortization and depreciation is divided by common shares outstanding to calculate with choices cash flow of financing activities , cash flow per share , cash flow of investment and cash flow of operations with online sample interview questions and answers, competitive tests preparation for business jobs hiring, study time value of money multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Income Statement & Reports Worksheet 101 Quiz PDF Download

Income Statement and Reports Quiz

MCQ: Collection of net income, amortization and depreciation is divided by common shares outstanding to calculate

  1. cash flow of financing activities
  2. cash flow per share
  3. cash flow of investment
  4. cash flow of operations


Binomial Approach Quiz

MCQ: Pricing model approach in which it is assumed that stock price can have one of two values of stock is classified as

  1. valued approach
  2. marketability approach
  3. stock approach
  4. binomial approach


Weighted Average Cost of Capital Quiz

MCQ: Special situation in which large projects are financed by with and securities claims on project's cashflow is classified as

  1. claimed securities
  2. project financing
  3. stock financing
  4. interest cost


Valuing Stocks: Non constant Growth Rate Quiz

MCQ: Second step in calculating value of stock with non-constant growth rate is to find out an

  1. expected intrinsic stock
  2. extrinsic stock
  3. expected price of stock
  4. intrinsic stock


Key Characteristics of Bonds Quiz

MCQ: Bonds with deferred call have protection which is classified as

  1. provision protection
  2. provision protection
  3. deferred protection
  4. call protection