Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Book Download

Portfolio theory and asset pricing models multiple choice questions (MCQs), portfolio theory and asset pricing models quiz answers, financial management test prep 1 to learn online finance courses for online classes. Capital and security market line MCQs, portfolio theory and asset pricing models quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice capital and security market line, efficient portfolios, calculating beta coefficient career test for business analyst certification.

Learn portfolio theory and asset pricing models quizzes with multiple choice questions: beta reflects stock risk for investors which is usually, with choices collective, individual, weighted, and linear for online business degree programs. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning capital and security market line quiz questions with financial management MCQs for accounting certifications.

MCQs on Portfolio Theory & Asset Pricing Models Test 1 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Beta reflects stock risk for investors which is usually

  1. individual
  2. collective
  3. weighted
  4. linear


MCQ: For any or lower degree of risk, highest or any expected return are concepts use in

  1. riskier portfolios
  2. behavior portfolios
  3. inefficient portfolios
  4. efficient portfolios


MCQ: An unsystematic risk which can be eliminated but market risk is the

  1. aggregate risk
  2. remaining risk
  3. effective risk
  4. ineffective risk


MCQ: An indication in a way that variance of y-variable is explained by x-variable which is shown as

  1. degree of dispersion is one
  2. degree of dispersion is two
  3. degree of dispersion is three
  4. degree of dispersion is four


MCQ: In regression of capital asset pricing model, an intercept of excess returns is classified as

  1. Sharpe's reward to variability ratio
  2. tenor's reward to volatility ratio
  3. Jensen's alpha
  4. tenor's variance to volatility ratio