Bonds and Bond Valuation Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Book Download

Bonds and bond valuation multiple choice questions (MCQs), bonds and bond valuation quiz answers, financial management test prep 1 to learn online finance courses for online classes. Risk free savings rate MCQs, bonds and bond valuation quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice risk free savings rate, maturity risk premium, changes in bond values over time, who issues bonds career test for CPA certification.

Learn bonds and bond valuation quizzes with multiple choice questions: second mortgages pledged against bond's security are referred as, with choices medium mortgages, loan mortgages, senior mortgages, and junior mortgages for online bachelor's degree business administration. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning risk free savings rate quiz questions with financial management MCQs for accounting certifications.

MCQs on Bonds & Bond Valuation Test 1 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Second mortgages pledged against bond's security are referred as

  1. loan mortgages
  2. medium mortgages
  3. senior mortgages
  4. junior mortgages


MCQ: Long period of bond maturity leads to

  1. more price change
  2. stable prices
  3. standing prices
  4. mature prices


MCQ: If coupon rate is equal to going rate of interest then bond will be sold

  1. at par value
  2. below its par value
  3. more than its par value
  4. seasoned par value


MCQ: Falling interest rate leads change to bondholder income which is

  1. reduction in income
  2. increment in income
  3. matured income
  4. frequent income


MCQ: Bonds issued by corporations and exposed to default risk are classified as

  1. corporation bonds
  2. default bonds
  3. risk bonds
  4. zero risk bonds