Fama French Model MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Fama french model multiple choice questions (MCQs), fama french model quiz answers to learn online finance courses. Portfolio theory and asset pricing models MCQs, fama french model quiz questions and answers for business degree online classes. Learn fama french three factor model, beta coefficient in finance, theory of risk and return, choosing optimal portfolio, calculating beta coefficient, fama french model test prep for financial business analyst certification.

Learn portfolio theory and asset pricing models MCQ: second factor in fama french three factor model is the, with choices size of industry, size of market, size of company, and size of portfolio for business degree online classes. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning fama french model quiz questions for competitive in business majors .

MCQs on Fama French Model PDF Book Download

MCQ: Second factor in Fama French three factor model is the

  1. size of industry
  2. size of market
  3. size of company
  4. size of portfolio


MCQ: Stock portfolio with highest book to market ratios is considered as

  1. H portfolio
  2. L portfolio
  3. S portfolio
  4. B to M portfolio


MCQ: High portfolio return is 6.5% and low portfolio return is 3.0% then HML portfolio will be

  1. 0.0216
  2. 0.095
  3. 0.035
  4. 0.4615 times


MCQ: Stocks which has lower book for market ratio are considered as

  1. optimistic
  2. more risky
  3. less risky
  4. pessimistic


MCQ: Stock issued by company have higher rate of return because of

  1. low market to book ratio
  2. high book to market ratio
  3. high market to book ratio
  4. low book to market ratio